Global Capacity Building

The International Code Council is committed to promoting building safety around the world. The knowledge and skill sets embedded in the International Code Council staff and membership is invaluable to jurisdictions around the world interested in improving their building safety infrastructure, and the International Code Council is well-positioned to draw on these resources to work with jurisdictions globally. In the developing world, the International Code Council participates in programs funded by the World Bank, regional development banks and aid agencies to help governments that are committed to building the capacity necessary to implement a safe and resilient building infrastructure.


With support from the International Code Council, the Bureau of Standards Jamaica (BSJ) is in the process of updating their building codes based on the 2018 International Codes. In 2018, the World Bank commissioned the International Code Council to conduct a training needs assessment for the BSJ to assess their readiness to implement the new code and to recommend capacity building activities that will better prepare the country for effective implementation.


Technical Support

As a benefit of membership, International Code Council technical staff are available to provide technical support and clarification of I-Codes text for code officials, design professionals and members of the construction industry. Through S.K. Ghosh Associates LLC (SKGA), the International Code Council provides seismic and code-related consulting services to engineers, businesses, trade associations, code-writing bodies and governmental agencies involved in the design and construction of buildings and other structures. SKGA provides a variety of services including publications, seminars, peer reviews, customized research projects, code interpretations and code/standard comparisons. SKGA also offers technical support through a variety of computer programs based on the most current consensus standards.

Plan Review

Third party plan review services are available from ICC Plan Review Services and NTA, a member of the International Code Council family of solutions. Engineers, architects and code officials find value in the comprehensive reports generated by the International Code Council family of solutions to identify code deficiencies in proposed building plans. Plan reviews usually result in quick approvals when submitted to jurisdictions, saving customers money and enhancing a jurisdiction’s reputation among its citizens and in the design and construction industry.

Engineering Services

SKGA provides a wide range of structural engineering consulting services including peer review of structural design, including seismic, and feasibility studies of new construction products and systems. Complete structural engineering calculations for off-site construction are provided by NTA.

Contact the International Code Council to discuss how your specific capacity building, technical support or code implementation needs can be met by the International Code Council’s experts.