Product Evaluation & Certification

The ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) provides technical evaluations of building products, components, methods and materials.  The technical evaluation reports that are issued through the evaluation process provide invaluable information and assurance to both regulatory agencies and building product manufacturers because they directly address the issue of code compliance.

The International Code Council’s product evaluation services are the industry leaders in evaluating innovative building products that do not comply with an existing standard.  The evaluation is based on specialized Acceptance Criteria that allows a building product to be independently evaluated against a building code and/or combination of standards.  ICC-ES has developed hundreds of unique Acceptance Criteria for building products through a robust process that involves input from the manufacturer, independent evaluation by licensed engineers, and final approval by a technical committee.

ICC-ES also evaluates building products designed to specific standards and issues product listings for those that comply.  ICC-ES has growing product listing programs for plumbing, mechanical and fuel gas products and green building products.

With the addition of NTA as an International Code Council subsidiary in July 2019, the product evaluation offerings extend to included ISO/IEC 17025 accredited testing laboratory facilities.  Additionally, NTA offers in-house factory quality audits for ongoing compliance, and virtual inspection capabilities.

Both ICC-ES and NTA provide the value-added benefits of product certification to all stakeholders in the construction industry, including:

  • Regulators and code enforcement officials, who rely on evaluation reports and listings as added confirmation that products installed in the buildings that they are reviewing and inspecting are compliant with the building code and standards that they need to enforce.
  • Manufacturers, who find easier market access through voluntary product evaluation.
  • Designers, who can easily access information about the compliance of various building materials that are specified in their plans to ease and expedite plan review and overall building safety and compliance.

Building regulators: learn more about how ICC-ES and NTA can help improve building safety in your jurisdiction.

Manufacturers: learn more about how ICC-ES and NTA can increase your access to the construction markets in North America and in jurisdictions around the world.