International Code Council
Commercial Building Inspector Certification

Certified Commercial Building Inspectors demonstrate competence in performing inspections of structures to determine compliance with the building codes and standards adopted in the jurisdiction. At this level of certification, the inspector should be qualified to inspect commercial structures of any size or occupancy.

Who should consider Commercial Building Inspector Certification?

Building regulatory professionals with experience
looking to advance their knowledge, maintain professional relevance, and demonstrate their
proficiency in the area of commercial building
inspection should explore this credential.
Professionals from government agencies, design/engineering specialties, industry, and academia
are all eligible to upscale their knowledge about
building safety through attainment of this credential.

Benefits of ICC Certification

  • International recognition by a trusted association
  • Valuable acknowledgement of technical capability
  • Professional development for work in respective domain
  • Open career prospects
Exam Format

The International Code Council offers credentialing exams through its PRONTO® portal, which allows professionals to register to take credentialing exams online from any secure location, scheduled at their convenience, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The Code Council is the first building safety professional credentialing organization to offer secure online proctored exams – part of ICC’s commitment to ensuring that building safety professionals across the globe have access to the latest technology-based solutions to succeed and advance.

Exam Preparation

Due to the complexity and rigor of the credentialing exams, the Code Council offers a variety of courses, self-study, and materials to help professionals to prepare for the credentialing exam.[1] Participating in the ICC courses will provide professionals with deepened skills and knowledge, including:

  • Better understanding and more efficient use and application of building safety codes and standards
  • Enhanced access to ICC’s rich online training content
  • Strengthened core foundational technical knowledge
  • Opportunity to connect with expert instructors
  • Earning valuable professional CEUs

[1] Code Council credentialing exams can be taken without ICC exam preparation courses. While participating in exam preparation courses, including those offered by ICC, can enhance performance on the exam, such participation does not guarantee certification.

More information about Code Council courses, including Career Path programs that are specially designed for professionals seeking ICC certification, can be found on the ICC Training page.

Commercial Building Inspector Career Path

Suggested upcoming courses:

Interested to take the next step and become certified?
  1. Acquire access to the materials listed above for review (the exams are open book format)
  2. If needed, register for the upcoming courses listed above
  3. Register online for a PRONTO Exam

Why Choose ICC?

  • Industry leader in building safety offering one of the best established and most prestigious credentialing programs for construction codes and standards
  • Many building departments, jurisdictional agencies and third-party entities recognize ICC certification as substantial proof of codes and standards knowledge
  • Training and certification available from the entity that publishes the most widely used model codes in the world

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